Our advisor office is specialised in the fields of traffic law and insurance, our main aim is to serve our clients with correct advice, legal representation and to give them legal help in all kinds of traffic accidents.

The guarantee of the perfect representation of our mandators' interests lies in the comprehensive preparedness of our staff in the fields of traffic criminal and insurance law.
One of our office's service is to provide consultancy to our clients, including consultation with experts, jurists of other legal fields who also take part in some legal cases.
Our office undertakes civil lawsuits and the representation of the agrieved party in traffic criminal legal cases as well. On the basis of Your brief we compile Your justifiable claim for damages, announce it at the responsible insurance quarters and inforce Your rights. We administer Your arrears of salary because of your personal injury, Your extra expenses due to hospitalisation or home care, and Your other expenses that arised in connection with an accident.
We manage Your damages, detriment and supplies. Our activity covers the whole country, and we visit You at Your request.